Q.-  Can you explain what it means to pray in Jesus name?

   This is an excellent question, and one that needs to be addressed for Christians today. It will require an entire sermon (or two), to fully explain this item, but we can definitely shed some light on it.

Too many Christians use the phrase “In Jesus name” like a magic potion similar to “abracadabra” What ever they pray for, they just add “`In Jesus name'” as though that is the magic that assures the answer that THEY want.

To pray in Jesus name must incorporate these three items:
  • To recognize that you and I have NO merit on which to come to God, but only through Jesus Christ we have that privilege of approaching a holy God. We have NO works or good deeds that gives us the right of access to the throne of Grace, – but because Jesus died for us we can have that access.

  • It is to say, that if Jesus was in the same situation that I am in now, I believe that this is what HE would ask for – (when we consider that some of our prayers would change drastically).

  • If God would grant this request it will bring glory and praise to HIM!
If we were to begin to truly measure our prayers by these 3 standards we would notice that our prayers would radically change.

The use of Jesus name has been so abused, misused and misunderstood, that so very few Christians see it today as merely and “open sesame” magic phrase, which it definitely is NOT as we use it.

* * *

We remind you to search the scriptures like those noble Berean Christians in Acts 17:11 - "  to see if these things be so. "

* * *

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