Q.-  Can you shed any light on Paulís thorn in the flesh?  What was

   This has always been a point of contention among Christians for many years. However I believe that, generally, we miss the real message of this discussion.

Some people contend that Paulís thorn in the flesh was a physical discomfort or disease and they advance their reasons for believing that.

Others contend that it was not a physical ailment but an external situation that brought discomfort to Paul.

It really does not matter which it was, because in the final analysis both sides agree that Paul had some kind of problem that he preferred NOT to have, whether within his body or without his body.

The great message to be taken from this section is that there ARE circumstances, (whether physical or otherwise), in each of our lives that may not be to our liking but regardless of them, God will give us the ďgraceĒ to be able to live above them. That is the key message to be taken from this episode in Paulís life.

Avoid the arguments; stay focused on the learning to be gained.

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We remind you to search the scriptures like those noble Berean Christians in Acts 17:11 - "  to see if these things be so. "

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