Q.-  Aren’t all religions equal - do they all bring us to God?

   The answer to that question has to be `no'; for there is ONLY ONE way that all religions can be equal: that is: they ALL have to be false.
Truth, by its very nature, is exclusive. Light reveals, since darkness conceals. If all religions are all false, then there is no need for any of them.

However, that the idea that all religions are false, and therefore equal, denies common sense. We will approach this question by pointing out some of what we believe to be the significant uniquenesses with Christianity.

Christianity – is the only religion where the central figure willingly gave his life for his followers – Jesus died for the sins of the world

Christianity - is the only one that lays claim to a resurrected Savior. History records that many of the disciples of Jesus willingly gave their lives for the proclamation that they had seen him risen. Men will never willingly die for something they KNOW to be a lie. They may die for something they believe although they may be not be aware that it is untrue. But in the case of the disciples, they willing died choosing to stand firm on the fact that their Lord was indeed risen from the dead

Christianity is the on religion that places all individuals on a level playing field and clearly reaches out to all people regardless of ethnicity, social standing, age or gender. – Whosoever

Christianity accepts all as they are, and justifies the ungodly by faith. No improvement is necessary to come to Christ. He takes all as they are and justifies the ungodly by no more than their choosing to believe in him, and accept that he died for their sins and rose again from the dead.

Christianity centers around what God has done for man – It is not so much man’s quest for God but God's quest for man. John 3:16 – God so love that he gave his son to redeem mankind. God made the first step and it is He who has opened to us the opportunity to be in relationship with Him.

Christianity is based on the unmerited favour of God . Not what we can do, but what he has done for us.

And herein lies the whole gospel message – for it is by God's Grace (undeserved favour of God) that we are saved by faith and that not of ourselves; it is the free gift of God. It is not of our works, so we have nothing in which to boast.

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We remind you to search the scriptures like those noble Berean Christians in Acts 17:11 - "  to see if these things be so. "

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