Q.-  My friend, who is a Christian, told me that the earth was not created in 6 days as Genesis seems to say; that those six days represented many, many thousands of years. Is that true?

   According to the Genesis record it is clear that the Bible clearly teaches that God created the earth (or as some say recreated) in six days.

The record clearly limits each day by saying that the evening and the morning comprised the day.

It is interesting that some choose not to accept this record and search for some other explanation to say that the day as recorded did not comprise 24 hours.

It seems to me that some of these thinkers remove from God his ability to be just that “GOD” A fellow once said to me on this same issue, that, some rocks are a billion years and it is clear that his issue was one of time because in his mind God had to start from 0 time.

So I asked the question “How old was Adam, was he created a baby to grow to become a man?

Here is one of the cases where we need to have faith in the record as written, for the argument that God required many years to do something also seems like a means to accommodate the argument of evolution – which is counter the account of creation.

Who is to say that God cannot create a rock in one day that is a billion years old as we measure time.

Adam’s age is an excellent case.

We can reject the account of creation if we wish, but let us not try and make it say something it clearly does not say.

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We remind you to search the scriptures like those noble Berean Christians in Acts 17:11 - "  to see if these things be so. "

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