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Samsom and The Secret
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It’s the story of love and hatred, devotion and betrayal; of one man’s love for his foreign woman, and the destiny of a nation.

 Judges 16:4,  Now afterwards, it happened that he loved a woman whose name was Delilah...

No, this is not a play of King Edward VIII; but one right out of the Holy Bible - with some degree of poetic licence consistent with the script.
The land of Israel was adjoining to Philistia, the land of the philistines, Israel’s sworn enemies.
Samson, the Israelite, had a fatal fondness for foreign females.
Not content to date the women of his own nation, he was often found in the company of Philistine women.
They seemed to have something the locals ladies just didn’t possess.

But Samson was no ordinary individual. A remarkable man of incredible strength,- he was the ancient-day, six-million-dollar man. An angel especially announced his birth to his barren mother. Samson, was a man of - destiny!

He had several of these close encounters with philistine females; until, on one sultry, summer afternoon, while taking one of his customary strolls into philistine territory, he comes face to face with his fatal attraction, a woman called Delilah.
She was a woman of stunning beauty, whose lips dripped honey; and her mouth - was smoother than oil. Like Napolean Bonaparte finally met his battle of Waterloo, so too Delilah would eventually prove to be Samson's own undoing.

Even during the day when she was in the brilliant, all-revealing sunlight, Delilah’s face and figure was nothing short of flawless perfection. Her thick, brown, wavy hair, now tinted with a reddish glow from the henna rinse she often used, was piled high on top of her head. while a few wayward tendrils framed her attractive countenance, which only served to make her the more lovely. Her white dress, a marvelous contrast to her silky hair, was of a soft, alluring fabric, which seemed to make her all the more irresistible to Samson. His senses awashed with virile passions, Samson felt unmistakably drawn towards her.

It was only a matter of time before the philistine lords, like the Mounties, discovered their man dating Delilah. Secretly they approached her, and offered her a handsome ransom if she would find out the secret of his strength. This she willingly agreed to do.

Life was good for Samson, for now. Each weekend he visited, she treated him sumptuously, like a king. His every heart’s desire was catered to as she pampered him like no philistine woman had ever done before.

Samson: “What more can a man ask for?” “A man needs a reliable, lovable woman to keep the emotional fires constantly burning,” [he reasoned to himself.] In these times, as he held her in his arms, he thought his heart would burst for the tender love he felt for his woman; feeling incapable of expressing his deepest feelings for her. His very bones ached with thoughts of her.
So preoccupied, she stunned his senses with the question:
Delilah: “Samson, do you really love me? Or am I’m just another trophy in your Philistine conquest?” Her voice sounded earnest, sending unseen shivers down his manly frame.

But if she was a beauty in the revealing sunlight, he observed, by the moon’s light she gained an ethereal, heavenly glow. Delilah: “Do you really love me, Samson, she insisted?” Samson: “ Of course. You know I do.” Delilah: “How much?” Samson: “This much.” Opening wide his massive arms. I’ll always love you – until the day I die.” Delilah: “Then why won’t you tell me your secret?" There was silence as her words lingered on in the corridors of his wary mind.

A wave of discontent swept over her. Her eyes met his, and she smiled wistfully to herself, He confessed how he dreamt of her every waking moment away in his homeland of Israel. He felt compelled to dispel her fears and confirm his overwhelming love for her while at the same time protecting his most guarded, personal secret – this peculiar vow he carried with his God from birth.

The inner personal struggle grew more and more intense with each passing day. In the battlefield of his mind, as he struggled between not revealing his secret and keeping his woman happy, he never vaguely sensed nor suspected that her question went far deeper. With deep yearning, he would have loved to…. He tightened his arms around her; Samson: “You know I can’t tell you that: it’s a forbidden secret; I have no choice.” My hands are tied.”

Instantly, he felt her body stiffen, and in one quick movement she slipped out of his embrace. “What’s wrong?” he called after her…but she did not respond. She resorted to sulking, contemplating his adamant refusal to reveal his childhood secret. The anxious uncertainty of not knowing the secret of his strength. This uncertainty hung like a dark cloud in the corridors of her mind.

But it is said ‘what a woman can’t do, can’t be done’. So with fierce determination burning in her eyes, cunning and conniving, Delilah set her fixed and focused sights on Samson: Israel’s strongman for God; vowing she would not rest nor love until she had outfoxed her man.

Meanwhile, Samson reasoned with himself. “How can I go on like this?” he pondered As the cock crow in the pre-dawn light, he left for home. Many memories flooded his mind. - His mind went back to the philistine wife he married earlier, and how during the wedding celebrations, she had betrayed his trust by telling his secret to her countrymen.

Would he be that naive again?
This time, revealing the ultimate:  The secret of his awesome strength?

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