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Sometimes we never see so clearly until our eyes have been washed with tears! Tears are a language that God understands.   2 Kings 20:5.
And in  Isaiah 25:8,  and  Revelation 21:4,  the great Almighty God promises to wipe away every tear. Hallelujah!.

-   Father God made us all for relationships. There are dimensions of God you will never know except in relationships with others.

The Scriptures show that God wants to have relationship with man. "But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe on His Name: who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh; not of the will of man, but of God." --John 1:12

The greatest commandment is that you will love the Lord God with ALL your HEART, all your mind, all your strength, and with all your heart. And that you will LOVE your neighbor as yourself.Mat. 22:37 When we love God fully, we become rightly related to Him, and we are satisfied.

Some go to great lengths to be accepted.  They just think that if enough people liked them, they would feel better about being themselves.  They want desperately to please everyone...family, bosses, neighbors, even people they do not like.  It hardly mattered who they were;  other people's approval and validation are the source of their self-esteem.  At times, in spite of their best attempts, they fail miserably and hurt badly.

Perhaps you are hurting today; but take heart. God has a purpose for your pain. It is a fact: Sometimes we never see so clearly until our eyes have been washed with tears.So while you may ask why, it is most important to trust God and to look forward to where you are going from here.

Do not focus on what you are going through, but get excited thinking about what you are going to. In Hebrews 12:2 we see Jesus Christ focusing on the joy set before Him as He was carrying the Cross. Hallelujah!

Proverbs 12:26 advises: The righteous should choose his friends carefully, because the way of the wicked leads them astray. The quality of your life will be determined by the relationships you choose to develop, so you should choose them wisely."

Let Godís Word guide you. We are all involved in this journey called life. We must keep an eye out for one another and make an extra effort to encourage one another; to be a star that shines the way on the pathway of another. Thatís true love.

Each of us is a vital thread in the tapestry of another personís life.
Our lives are woven together for a reason.

Let your Heavenly Father lead you today. 1 Corinthians 2:9,10.
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