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  Janice Green
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Janice Green
is a graduate of the School of Advanced Biblical Studies, Christian Education Director at her church; and the National Singles Director of the Church Of God Of Prophecy in Eastern Canada.
Janice is also a conference speaker and bible teacher.


What is my real need?

I thought I knew the answer to this question as most of us think we do; but, do we really know the answer as we think we do?
As the Lord increase my insight, I realize it is impossible to know all my needs without a God concept of myself.
I am a new creation, created unto good works and marvellous things. What do I know of the marvels of this new self? What do we know of the wonders of this new life?

As I was teaching and sharing in bible studies a few evenings ago, the Lord opened my eyes to a new concept of need to me. I suddenly discovered my needs were more than my wants. Up to this point, my concept of need has been very basic to the human experience: food, shelter, clothing and community. Then comes the revelation that God's ideas of my need is far greater than my ideas for myself.

God sees me as an offspring of Himself, He sees me being enabled to meet the needs of people He sends my way. Or conversely, being enabled to receive from others as from Himself. Pride has an amazing way of hindering what God would have us to receive of others. I therefore need a God concept of myself and a God vision for my place in life.

Basically it is like this: what would you have me do, Lord? Also, being able and enabled to to fulfil the vision of His heart.

Hence God who is my source, becomes the concious idea of being so. We often say God is our source but rarely live like He is. This being the case, I need more than I know to fulfil His purpose in me and for me.
This is not about me. It is about us as a vision of Himself in the earth.

This God idea of my need unties His hand to do the super-"abundantly-above-all-I-can -ask-or-think" plan of His, because He sees the entire tapestry of the life He has designed and created for us - not the narrow vision of the satisfying of our flesh.

Having this knowledge of His concept forces us to seek His kingdom and all His righteousness; allowing all His desire to be poured out upon us. That is an awesome place to be!

Let us think seriously about what our real needs are.

We need pleasure, He said, at His right hand there are pleasures forevermore.

We need fullness. He says, I am He that fills all and in all.
Coversely, what is fullness? What is our capacity for that which fills? Or what is it that can really fill us?

We need companionship. He says He will be closer that a brother. He will never forsake us, as a parent sometimes may; and He will never leave us alone.

We need food, shelter and clothing. He says, I am bread, your sheild and your attire. I know you need all this and I will add this to you.

All He requires is that we seek Him and His kingdom. If we belong to Him, it is only reasonable that we seek to know His will, heart and plan for us.

God is not a killjoy. He knows how to make us happy, because He knows our individual makeup. Have you ever wondered why a promotion we got that we thought would have made us happy made us suddenly feel flat? Or, the fine house or car we were excited about suddenly lost their lustre, or that expensive pair of shoes that did not change our life for good? We lost our initial joy because we are more than these things can ever satisfy. Their promise is only momentary, but Jesus promises joy unspeakeable and satisfaction guaranteed in Himself.

We often pursue life based on these fleshly things as any other human being, but we are not as others. Jesus Himself told us, as if being different members of the human race, to not seek the same things the Gentiles (unredeemed) seek, as their vision is basic.

We are a new concept of life - we hve been given access to see great and wonderful things, and to become God's arm extended. We are called to help in solving some of the crises of others and not just ours. We neither live unto ourselves or die unto ourselves; but our lives are filled with God's intentional purpose and we become a part of God's massive plan for the redemption of mankind. As the children's song goes, we are more than a promise and a possibility but an abundant reality of God's goodness.

May God enlarge our hearts to believe that we may see His good hand , then necessarily He will be our source of life, income and supreme joy.

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