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  Janice Green
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Janice Green
is a graduate of the School of Advanced Biblical Studies, Christian Education Director at her church; and the National Singles Director of the Church Of God Of Prophecy in Eastern Canada.
Janice is also a conference speaker and bible teacher.


When we hear the word ´redemption´, as a believer we immediately think on the saving grace of God. However, is that the only redemption we seek? Or do we seek another?

There is the redemption from sin, but how about the deliverance from deep emotional scars that keeps us pursuing other relationships to make us feel fulfilled, if only for a moment?

Redemption requires one to pay for something or someone. It is a saving, healing force for those who receive it.

Lately as I was sharing personal thoughts and experiences with a female friend.
It seemed the Holy Spirit dropped a thought into our conversation: "Seeking redemption in the arms of a man."

God is always amazing how He coins a phrase that makes a nutshell account of a behavior, life, history or other.
In this case, we are observing a life pattern of response to emotional, and sometimes psychological pain; except Ďpainí was not the first thought, but fear of the secrets of our hearts.

We are redeemed people, but for some of us, we bear deep emotional scars Ė the scars of many a lost battle - that remain unhealed even though we have received our redemption from sin by the blood of Jesus.
We seem to long for that physical and emotional touch that would heal all that seem so broken on the inside; as we go through life each day, hiding our heartaches behind a smile.
And it we may be single or married - I it makes no difference.

Life has taught us, marriage does not necessarily heal emotional scars. In our pursuit of touch or emotional redemption, we often violate our spiritual and legal relationships, longing for the touch that would heal our wounds.

For individuals in such cases, we are most prone to judge them sinners. Yes, they may have sinned or trespassed. But how about us looking for emotional and psychological wounds that need to be bound up and mollified with the ointment of love?

Jesus did not come to only redeem us from sin, but to heal our broken hearts and deliver us from our captivities. We bear wounds of sexual molestation, wounds of emotional and psychological put downs and privations, wounds that makes one feel so unworthy; and oneís heart longs for affirmation. And Salvation includes the totality of my being: psychological, emotional, mental, intellectual and physical beings.

Mind you, Jesus has been telling us all along about the truth of His love; but the pain of our heart can be so loud, it drowns out God's quiet insistent voice.
It is not the lack of God's voice, but our natural, instinctive, negative response to emotional neediness.

Being redeemed from sin, we go through great times of joy, faithfulness and stability; but until those wounds are exposed and treated, we are as sitting ducks waiting for the next opportunity. Itís very important to fill our lives with pursing and knowing God in a real and intimate way Ė itís our only salvation from sliding back into the lost, old, unproductive past.

Relationships happen, then we become like the scriptures says, "A man whose bed is shorter than he can stretch himself upon and a blanket too narrow to wrap oneself in ". A momentary comfort and no assurance.
Then comes the great consternation, how did I get here again? God is real, redemption is real and the scars of a single soul are also real. That is why Jesus came, to heal the broken-hearted; to set the captives free, delivering us from fear and pain.

The arms of a lover outside of our moral and legal relationships will never heal our hearts, but deepens our wounds. Mostly because we know it best. We face our darkness alone when company is gone, and the dread of being found out is more terrifying than the longing for comfort. A moment was filled but the heartaches remain.

Many of us have allowed our wounds to fester too long and then end up seeking redemption (healing, deliverance) in the arms of another.

Jesus only came to give that.
It is not an overnight process, but a work of instant application begins when we face and confess our heartaches, defeats, defects and disappointments to Jesus Christ.
Thatís why I said itís very important to fill our lives with pursuing and knowing God in a real and intimate way Ė and that itís our only salvation from sliding back into the lost, old, unproductive past.

The divine salve is glorious when Jesus anoints are wounds with his blood and wipe away our tears. Then in Him we find a friend, a lover and Father altogether. Somebody knows our secret pain and folly and did not condemn us. Somebody gave us big shoulders to cry on and never rejected us. Somebody held us so close and drove away our fears. That same Jesus through His Holy Spirit holds us.

Yes, there is redemption in His arms. Yes, our wounds are healed! We have the right to love; and the power to forgive our offenders, even if they lie in a grave somewhere.

Another human being cannot heal the wounds of our heart, but Jesus can and certainly will.

* * * * *

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