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  Janice Green
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Janice Green
is a graduate of the School of Advanced Biblical Studies, Christian Education Director at her church; and the National Singles Director of the Church Of God Of Prophecy in Eastern Canada.
Janice is also a conference speaker and bible teacher.

Warfare: Bondage Or Freedom!

War is a word in our daily vocabulary. We hear of the war of nations, turf wars, price wars, spiritual warfare and many other kinds of conflicts.

However of all the conflicts known to man, I do think the greatest conflict is the war waged within our souls.
The war brought to us by the enemy, only to find we have an enemy on board, the soul. So often do we find our souls in conflict with the truth.
We long to be right and to do right, but there is a part of us that long to have its own way.
Long to submit to the temptations of the flesh, the pride of life and the way of the world.

This particular conflict sometimes causes confusion to the one involved and a mystery to those looking on. Of course the easiest thing to do is to blame the enemy, or someone else, but let us look at what is involved in the soul. We are spirit beings, made up of spirit, soul, and body.
What we do in the body was already decided in the soul which includes our intellect, emotions and will.

There are many things locked on the inside of us that can and will be drawn out by the enemy of our souls if we have not or will not deal with it. Jesus said "the prince of this world cometh and he has nothing in me"
What do we have that the enemy can use? Is it sexual lusts or any deviations? Is it longing for the things of others? It it longing for relationships, legitimate or otherwise?

Our legitimacy is not only a matter of law but of relationship with God. It may be legitimate to desire a mate but not if God requires our singlehood. All things are lawful but not all things are expedient.
We have an enemy called satan that keeps a study on every born again believer and when he lauches an assault he is an informed warrior.
It behooves us therefore to be informed about God , ourselves and the enemy called the Wicked One.

Let us now look at an insight of our war. One struggles with fleshly lusts that has never been confessed or renounced. The enemy sees this and prepares himself for us. He will not send you someone that is far removed from your desire.
In fact he knows you enough to send the one appropriate to your desire, just the right size and if he is only a close representative, that is only the prep for the 'real' thing called mr or mrs deception.

In this war only God can open one's eyes to see the trap. The word of God tells us the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.
Seeing ourselves the way God sees us is a fail safe way out of any trouble.

The good in us comes from himself alone, but we are daily tempted to operate from the carnall or sinful part of our nature. Temptations are tailormade. Believing that we are inately good is a lie against the truth and a set up for failure. It is shocking the things that one, even a believing one, will do; given the 'right' or 'wrong' circumstances.

The great Apostle Paul confessed "...There is no good thing in me". Facing himself, he knew his total confidence was in Christ alone, not in himself. The great beauty is God knows it too and has made provision for us to confess our faults and renounce our propensities; so putting it underfoot; and breaking the chains that binds us.

The power of choice we have is a glorious ability to unbound ourselves from many things through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ and our will to submit to his will. His will is good and is meant to liberate. He does not bring us into religious bondage but the liberty of the 'Sons of God' that teaches us what true human freedom is.

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