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  Janice Green
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Janice Green
is a graduate of the School of Advanced Biblical Studies, Christian Education Director at her church; and the National Singles Director of the Church Of God Of Prophecy in Eastern Canada.
Janice is also a conference speaker and bible teacher.

The Power Of A Sentence

'One word from God will change your life'! How often have we heard this word. This is indeed a true statement.That one word is always fitly spoken.

Years ago the Lord gave me ten sentences or ten words to pray everyday. Little then did I know the impact or worth of those sentences or words until the morning I needed to investigate the meaning of the command that a father should not provoke his children to wrath. This is a word I read over the years but never gave thought as to what that work of provocation and wrath was.

Trying to interpret this word, I recalled a work of provocation and anger inflicted by my own father that made me emotionally calloused yet easily bruised. This callousness I would not have recognized without the Lord's revelation.

One just reacts when an unhealed scar is touched. Just as in the physical when one may not remember or even recognise the presence of a scar until someone touches it, the same happens in the emotional realm. We react without immediate memory as to why we hurt or hurt others and especially those of the same sex of the parent who has scarred us.

Recalling that 'work' I realised the word or sentence spoken was "wash and cleanse me from past wounds and scars in Jesus' Name" There was a work of wrath working in me that tainted my male relationships and I am sure other relationships as well.

How many of us are the 'walking wounded'. How many of us hurt others out of our intense pain. These pains are deep and rooted from our early years. Scars and bruises imprinted in our hearts that make us reactionary as one comes in contact with those wounds.

The beauty of God is that He sees every scar, He understands every response, and when others judge us of being harsh, only He knows the wounded heart. One who bruises is bruised also himself. Wounded people wound others. Hence the need to forgive even the bruisers of our life.

The Word says that "He came to heal the brokenhearted; He came to set the captive free".

How many of us are walking with broken hearts, broken by the ones we loved and trusted as children, broken by our own heroes. People see some of us in the darkness (not light) of our negative emotions. We do not always understand this, we donít always understand the 'chip on our shoulders' and even though we are born again we sometimes struggle with the stuff of the past.

Not all wounds come from sexual abuse, there is an over abundance of that. Many come from undermining words, lack of trust, shame, even unearned floggings etc. There are any number of cruel things a parent can do to their children that changes who they are and make them into people they would later not recognise.

There is a word for us "Lord wash and cleanse me from past wounds and scars in Jesus' Name" When that word came, I did not know I was wounded but the one who knows us best knew all unknown scars.

The word works, it heals, it mollifies. None can see the working of the Holy Spirit as He works with this word, healing the broken-hearted and releasing the captive. Just as the ointment on a natural wound works invisibly only later to be evidenced by the outward healing, so much more does our Lord work in secret as He renews our heart. Over time, we as well as others notice our mellowing. It is not the work of old age, it is the work of God and His increasing grace in us.

Some have even become old and bitter because they never received the release of healing for the wounded heart. He indeed washes us from past wounds and scars.

If we are not sure of the inward injuries, we may ask of Him and He will reveal the same because a healed heart is a victorious, loving heart.

He not only heals the hearts but fills it with wisdom to touch others that have been so hurt and now we become 'healed healers'.

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